Why is SoundCloud so bad?

Is SoundCloud bad? Clearly, you haven’t used Norton Commander. Well, anyway, if you’re looking for solutions to your problems, MusConv has you covered. Here are a few reasons why you may be having problems with this contemporary mix between Twitter and Spotify: 

Streaming service fails 

There are complaints of lack of quality. Is the UX thought through enough or is this just a product that was made to make a quick buck? There’s something to learn here from Spotify, it seems. 

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Apple Music and Spotify have to pay a lot in royalties. We know we said you have to give to receive, but this isn’t one of those times: 

Poor sound quality 

You’d think it’s the first thing that the developers would consider when it comes to user experience. And yet here’s the result. It breaks our hearts, but your disdain for SoundCloud may be justified. Hoping for service improvement soon!

If you want to transfer files from Spotify to Apple Music or another global music streaming service or just to read and have fun, MusConv is always here for you. Have fun! 

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