Why Is Spotify #1 In The World?

There are many ways to cheer yourself up. Surrounding yourself with your favorite music is one of them. Indeed, listening to your favorite musical compositions has a positive effect on the psychological state of a person. That’s why more and more people are looking for ways to accompany music in their lives forever. Therefore, music streaming services are gaining more and more popularity.

Spotify is one such music service, and one that is extremely popular. Music lovers from about 200 countries around the world use Spotify streaming. 615 million active users, of which 250 million are paid subscribers, have already praised the merits of this music service. For more than one year, Spotify has been the leader among music streaming companies.

The popularity of music streaming service Spotify is not based on nothing. Let’s analyze the main criteria by which a user chooses a streaming service for himself.

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  1. Accessibility is one of the main factors influencing user choice. As already mentioned, Spotify is available in most countries in North and South America, Europe, Australia and Oceania, as well as in some countries in Asia and Africa. In addition, Spotify has its own website and application that is compatible with any operating system. This means that it can be installed on any device from a computer or smartphone to a car media system.
  2. The quality of the music you listen to remains quite high. Of course, it depends on what device the user will listen to music on. However, in the premium tariff, the sound quality of your favorite tracks will be 320 Kbps. Although some streaming services provide better sound quality, it will be difficult for a non-professional music lover to distinguish this difference by ear. In addition, there are other factors of popularity.
  3. The number of musical works that the Spotify library has exceeds 100 million tracks. Here you can find a wide variety of genres and directions. Spotify music editors follow the development and novelties of the music industry and are always ready to recommend music that will satisfy the most sophisticated or non-standard musical taste. Spotify playlists are compiled not only by individual artists or albums, but also according to the different moods of the user. Of course, it is possible to create individual playlists and share them.
  4. Subscription price plays an important role in choosing a streaming service. Spotify offers several pricing plans. An individual basic subscription costs $10.99. For two people who live at the same address, there is a Duo plan that costs $14.49 per month. If up to 6 people live at one address and everyone wants to have their own Spotify account and save money at the same time, the service offers a Family subscription, which will cost the family budget $ 16.99 per month. If the user is a student, then he will enjoy his favorite music in Spotify by paying only $ 5.99 per month. Do not forget about the free trial period of 30 days, during which you can fully use the desired tariff plan and draw a conclusion for yourself, based on personal practical experience.

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Considering all these and other factors, many music lovers around the world have made their choice in favor of the music streaming company Spotify. Therefore, today Spotify is rightfully the number one streaming service in the world.

It is likely that sooner or later you will decide to change your music streaming service in this case. You may have concerns about the safety of your music library, the creation of which took a lot of time and creative effort. You can leave these concerns aside if you use a specialized application MusConv with which you can quickly and easily convert and transfer your collection from one music streaming service to another.

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