Why Is Spotify Connect Not Working?

Spotify is the most popular of the well-known streaming services. Spotify gives you access to a huge library of millions of songs, podcasts and more on your PC or as an app on your smartphone or tablet.

If there are problems with the operation of this system, then there can be a lot of reasons for this, so we will consider the main ones.

First, you need to check your internet connection. It is possible that the device is too far from the router and therefore there is simply no Wi-Fi. It may be helpful to reconsider the location of your router. It is important that there are no DECT telephone exchanges in the immediate vicinity of the router. Make sure the distance between the router and the DECT station is at least 30 cm. The router should also not stand in a corner. Your router has antennas

so please install them, antennas are often not installed for aesthetic reasons. This will reduce the transmission power and may cause interference in the WIFI signal. The router also cannot be placed in cabinets or on shelves, because in this case, the range of the WIFI signal may be reduced.

Secondly, the paid subscription to the streaming service may end. Spotify Connect will not be able to play when your premium subscription ends. We definitely need to deal with the renewal of a paid subscription to the streaming service, and in this case, when you resume using the premium version, Spotify Connect will work again.

Thirdly, the reason for the malfunction may be the old firmware of the system. Check if the firmware of the components you are using is up to date and have the latest Spotify app that you are logged into with a valid Spotify Premium account. Install the latest software updates as needed.

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Internet security software or hardware firewalls may be preventing Spotify Connect from establishing. Some security programs evaluate this communication as a negative communication and block this communication for your safety. For this reason, make sure that the security software you are using or activated firewalls are configured correctly. The necessary settings must be made if necessary. Once properly configured, Spotify Connect should be available.

Another reason for the Spotify Connect function to malfunction is that certain components are running too fast through the MusicCast or Spotify app.

All the products you use on your network are mostly small computers. Each computer takes some time to start up its operating system. Some Yamaha devices, such as AV receivers, take 20-30 seconds to get up and running, so it may happen that you want to send music to your Yamaha device via Spotify Connect even though it’s not ready to use yet. in this case, restart the Spotify app. Close the Spotify app and wait a few seconds before launching the Spotify app again.

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