Why Is Spotify Popular?

The Swedish music streaming platform is the industry leader today. There is hardly a music connoisseur who has not heard about this streaming service, which is available in about 200 countries around the world. What is the secret of such popularity, and why do so many music lovers prefer the Spotify music service?

Spotify first attracted attention at the very beginning of its history, announcing that the service would be exclusively legal and aimed at combating piracy in the music industry. Note that piracy flourished at that time, and of course, the artists liked this approach.

Thus, although not immediately, Spotify provided constant access to music of different genres and directions. Today, the Spotify library contains 82 million different musical compositions. Every music lover will find here something that suits his taste.

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  • Playlists is another idea of ​​Spotify, which was liked by users and which other streaming services began to implement. Spotify has a wide variety of playlists, where you can find hit collections, party music, romantic music and music for every mood and activity. The music recommendations that Spotify offers are based on more than just the music you listen to. Artificial intelligence, which is involved in the development of personal recommendations, selects music based on the user’s mood. Thus, the music in the recommended section very often coincides with the preferences of the subscriber.
  • Sound quality is one of Spotify’s strengths and can reach up to 320 kbps. The sound quality of music can be adjusted independently. For example, if you need to save traffic, then you should reduce the sound quality. If you want to enjoy all the subtleties of the sound of notes, adjust the sound quality to the maximum.
  • The presence of the free version of Spotify attracts a large number of users around the world. This is a really good opportunity to listen to streaming music in good quality for free. In addition, you can do this for as long as the listener himself wishes, because the free version of Spotify has no deadlines. Most paid subscribers started their acquaintance with Spotify with the free version.
  • A variety of tariff plans and low prices for the Premium subscription is another factor that makes Spotify so popular. To date, the price of a Spotify subscription and the number of tariff plans compare favorably with the corresponding offers of its main competitor – Apple Music. For example, in addition to such common tariff plans as Individual, Student and Family, Spotify offers Premium Duo. This subscription includes two individual accounts for $12.99 per month.
  • Communicating with friends Spotify users mark as a feature they like. It involves the ability to share your favorite music with friends, create common playlists.

Here are just a few of the factors that make Spotify popular. In fact, there are many more. That is why Spotify currently has 456 million users worldwide, 195 million of whom already have paid Spotify subscriptions. But to get all the benefits of the Spotify service, you need to become its user.

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