Why Is Spotify So Popular In 2022?

This streaming service from Sweden has become synonymous with music streaming. And for many years he has been holding a leading position in the global music market.

The main advantage that distinguishes the service from competitors is a smart artificial intelligence system involved in compiling user recommendations and creating individual playlists. The developers have created a whole department for research:

  • musical preferences of people depending on the time of day, day of the week and even the weather;
  • genres that users prefer to listen to on weekends and working days;
  • how certain consumers react to the release of new products (how their musical preferences change).
  • Spotify gives people what they want. As statistics show, users are really satisfied with the accuracy of compilation.

The possibility of anonymization deserves a separate word. The programmers have successfully implemented the function of viewing the history of music playback – a rather useful thing for cases when a person wants to re-play a particularly liked track. At the same time, it is possible to completely delete the story in just two clicks, or hide it from outsiders by setting viewing restrictions. It is difficult to say how much the removal of history is in demand among consumers, but competitors have no direct analogues.

The most chic – playlists for animals. The research center has done a great job of identifying music that cats and dogs like. By “like” you should understand the calmness and relaxation of the pet while listening to tracks. Interestingly, the function is really popular, mainly among users from the US

New users can use the service for free for one month, and only then, after evaluating its benefits, apply for a suitable tariff plan:

  1. Student ($4.99): Only with a student card.
  2. Individual ($9.99).
  3. Premium for two ($12.49): for a couple of users.
  4. Family ($19.99): for six people, and each will have a separate account with their own selections and media library.

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Paid Spotify subscribers get:

  • access to the catalog with 80 million tracks;
  • the most accurate song selection algorithm based on personal preferences;
  • lack of advertising;
  • the work of the app on almost all existing gadgets;
  • sound quality up to 320 kbps;
  • the ability to listen offline.

A plus to the above is the ability to connect via Bluetooth to a music center, home theater or speaker.

There is only one publication about Spotify so far – ÔÇťAgainst the Giants. How Spotify Moved Apple and Changed the Music Industry by Sven Carlson and Jonas Leijonhufvud. This work cannot be called a “business encyclopedia”, which are analogues – for example, stories about Microsoft and other large corporations. “Against the Giants” is the history of the company’s formation. The authors conducted dozens of interviews with the creators of Spotify, investors and representatives of music labels and performers.

After collecting information, the authors compiled a timeline of the development of Spotify, tracking each step of the transformation of the music industry. Interestingly, the founders of the streaming platform, Ek and Laurentson, taciturn and reserved people, were frank with the creators of the book – they told about all their ins and outs.

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