Why Is Spotify So Popular Today?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify was established in 2006 in Stockholm. But he began his official work two years later. Since that time, the green giant has become not only the leader of the global music streaming market, but also a trendsetter in musical fashion around the world.

Spotify has over 400 million subscribers today. Almost half of them have a premium subscription. The streaming service officially operates in almost two hundred countries around the world.

So, Spotify is a Swedish music streaming service, available in over 50 languages ​​and with about 406 million users. It offers both an ad-supported free version and a premium subscription that costs €9.99 per month. But both options offer unlimited streaming of their library of over 70 million songs.

Why Is Spotify So Popular Today

In Spotify, if a user likes a certain song, then they can create a playlist using that song as a guide. Thus, the program launches a playlist of other similar songs. You can also easily save any of these tracks for later listening.

Spotify introduced Discover Weekly. This feature is an attempt by the app to tell the user songs they have never heard before. This custom playlist is released once a week and can include new music from an artist the subscriber already likes, or old tracks from unknown artists that the subscriber has missed.

Spotify doesn’t really know what the user likes. It uses algorithms that basically say, “User X likes a song from category Y, so user X might also like another song from category Y.” This is quite logical. The music recommendations have a perfect algorithm, but they are based on the listening history.

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You can use your smartphone as a controller for Spotify. Yes, it may seem insignificant: after all, smartphones have always been able to act as remote controls. But the seamless transition between PC and smartphone makes the experience so enjoyable. Imagine: You are using Spotify through a Bluetooth speaker through your computer. Then you take your phone and open the Spotify app. And the app asks if you want to keep playing Spotify on your computer, or if your phone can take over.

The main reason why hundreds of millions of users love Spotify is because it combines all of its features in a very simple way. We talk a lot about “intuitive” apps, but Spotify takes them to the next level. You can, for example, check the box to save an album to Spotify’s web version before leaving work. And it will download to your phone on the way to your house.

In short, what a wonderful time we live in: the duet “my smartphone” + Spotify means that you will be able to access millions of songs, millions of works of art. We have never had such easy access to so many things before.

Spotify has become a part of our daily life. This music streaming service brings all the cutting-edge developments to music lovers around the world. It is easy to use, affordable in the paid version, and popular in the free version. Spotify is not only the undisputed leader of the global music market, but is also considered the friendliest streaming service in relation to its users.

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