Why Is There No Song On Apple Music?

Streaming music service Apple Music is proud of its huge music library, which today has more than 70 million licensed tracks. But for some reason, some songs are missing from this popular platform. In many cases, the problem of the absence of certain songs can be solved with the help of simple actions. But this is not always the case.

Despite this, it is far from always possible to solve the problem of unplayable songs in Apple Music. Yes, there are situations in which the song (which is highlighted in gray) will not be played under any circumstances.

The age limit is the most common reason why certain tracks are not available to you on Apple Music. And it has three characteristics:

1. The title of the song is written in gray.

2. Icon E (Explicit).

3. When trying to play, an error appears: “This object cannot be played due to its age limit.”

What to do in this case, waiting for the situation to be corrected? Disable age restrictions.

1. Open “Settings – Screen Time”.

2. Select “Content and Privacy – Content Restrictions”.

3. In the “Age limit” menu, select your country, which is indicated in your account, in the “Music, podcasts and news” menu, select with “Profanity content”.

Despite the unambiguity, clearly specific and understandable description of this “error”, it can have several reasons.

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What are these reasons?

1. The artist has blocked the playback of the song for your region. Well, how would you like? Creative personalities are complex. They can allow everyone, and then suddenly change their mind in a minute and ban everyone.

2. The songs you are trying to listen to are not “released” yet. As soon as the artist allows, the songs will immediately become available everywhere (including Apple Music).

3. The song “simply” has been removed from Apple Music. There is an album, but one (or several) tracks from this album are not.

As you can see, situations can be very different and we can only deal with one of them (the first one) by changing the region in the settings of your iPhone (iPad) and Apple ID. The only difference is that such a “malfunction” most often occurs with the track that you have already added to your library.

Why is this happening? Because the artist decided to remove or somehow limit the use of his work in Apple Music. The thing is that the music from Apple Music does not belong to us – we rent it. And since the thing is not ours, then they can take it away at any time.

What to do? Try downloading the song again. Most often, performers do not delete the entire track, but simply change it in some way, which is why listening requires re-downloading.

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