Why is Tidal better than Spotify?

If you’re a music fan, you probably know what music streaming services are. Thanks to their existence, we get many convenient benefits:

  • millions of songs in one application, without the need to buy each track separately;
  • the ability to create our own playlists;
  • artists can upload their new songs to these platforms;
  • most services have a good system for music recommendations.
Why is Tidal better than Spotify?

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Streaming giants like Tidal and Spotify are known to nearly every music lover. But when it comes to choosing one platform or another, things aren’t so simple. So, how do these two applications differ from each other, and which is better to choose?

There are many questions on different forums about “Why is Tidal better than Spotify? Let’s take a closer look at each service and try to reply to this question.

So, the music streaming service Spotify is almost the biggest and most widely-recognized platform in the world. This platform is available in almost 120 countries across the world. It offers users the following types of subscriptions:

  • free version with restricted rights;
  • Individual Premium for $9.99;
  • Family Premium for $14.99 for 6 people.

With these plans, you can stream music at 320 kbps. Each of Spotify’s Premium versions gives users access to most of the possible features.

However, if you want to get better sound quality, you should definitely opt for Tidal. This service is owned by a famous rapper who knows the music industry like nobody else. He is the person who initiated the platform for real audiophiles. It is ready to offer sound quality in FLAC/MQA formats. For such good quality, of course, you have to pay a pretty penny. For example:

  • Premium account (with regular quality like Spotify`s) – $9.99;
  • Hi-Fi (FLAC) will cost $19.99.

If you’re not ready to pay almost $20 for a subscription right away, Tidal (like Spotify) offers a free trial period. This option will help you to understand whether it’s worth switching to this streaming service.

Summing up, it is possible to make some conclusions.

  • Tidal should be chosen by those who appreciate sound quality as well as unique content from celebrities.
  • Spotify can be ideal if you need something inexpensive, reliable, and diverse.

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