Why Is Tidal So Popular?

Tidal offers its users access to a huge library of music in most languages ​​of the world, as well as the highest sound quality of music content, subject to subscription to the appropriate tariff.

With each day of use, the service gets closer and closer to its subscriber, finds out his musical tastes, trends and preferences, and also offers musical works based on the analyzed information about the user. Depending on your taste, Tidal will constantly show you new albums of your choice or playlists that your favorite artists have worked on or have worked on as producers.

If you already know exactly what you like, the tape will help you. Here Tidal clearly lists new albums, singles and playlists from the artists you follow. This means you won’t miss a release on your homepage again and you’ll always get the latest music from the artists you like the most.

Why Is Tidal So Popular

Tidal also allows you to freely browse through a huge number of pre-made playlists. It is difficult to say how many of them will be opened. The genres and categories they sort into seem almost endless. As a result, Tidal always offers other ways to discover new artists, albums or genres of music for you.

Unfortunately, there is no way for users to publicly share their playlists with other users. However, private exchange with friends via the link is possible without problems.

Like other music streaming services, the app is divided into several menu items. The home page features a variety of playlists and album recommendations, as well as ever-changing content, from charts to special personal music tips.

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In addition to the required search field, you can get lost in the countless categories on the discovery page. Choose from a variety of genre-specific playlists or let us suggest music that suits your mood. Recently released music, the most popular content, or albums recommended especially for you complete the search page.

In the My Music section, you can quickly and easily find all the content in your collection, sorted into categories. Below is a handy list of recently added content.

Tidal knows how to shine with a huge music catalog, very high resolution music and very wide availability. However, Tidal does not stop there, offering many additional services.

With a direct connection between artist, listener and streaming service, Tidal offers a wealth of exclusive content. New albums and tracks are often the first to appear on a streaming service from Jay-Z, Beyonce. Content like music videos often ends up on Tidal before it can be seen or heard anywhere else.

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