Why Is Tupac Famous?

Popular American rapper Tupac was born in East Harlem on June 16, 1971. Tupac’s mother – Afeni Shakur – called herself a revolutionary and was very fanatical in her struggle for equal rights between whites and blacks. Like all revolutionaries, her life was not smooth and cloudless. In her youth, the girl was expelled from school for complete uncontrollability, after which Afeni joined the Black Panther party.

It was an organization that was in constant struggle against the chauvinism of the “white pigs”. When Tupac was born to a woman in 1971, she was sure that her “black prince” was born in order to save the black nation. She raised her son without a father, changing random apartments in dilapidated houses for homeless shelters.

In the depths of the black quarters, the laws of the street apply, sometimes even the police are unable to do anything about it. It was here that one of the future kings of gangsta rap of the late 20th century, a symbol of despair and anger of the entire black population of New York, actor, producer and musician Tupac Amaru Shakur spent his adolescence and part of his youth.

All the disappointments of family life that left scars on the heart did not destroy Tupac as a person, as a leader, as a future star. Maybe it’s all about the name, the first part of which – Tupac Amaru in the Inca language means “luminous snake”, as courage and wisdom are personified in the mythology of the peoples of Central America. The second part – Shakur can be translated from Arabic as “grateful to God.” How could a man with that name end his life at a garbage can?

Something tells the heart that “glowing snakes thankful to God” do not die like that. And all the pain they experienced in their childhood, tearing them apart from the inside, does not kill their ability to create, turning their tears into money.

In Baltimore, Tupac wrote his first rap, taking the pseudonym MC New York. He enrolled at the Baltimore School of the Arts, whose theater director considered him “an extremely gifted young actor.” At the School of the Arts, Tupac met many white guys, to his surprise to discover that whites, in principle, “can get along.” Prior to that, he firmly believed that “whites are devils,” as was commonly believed in the ghetto.

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Tupac’s poetic gift was revealed not only in the texts of his songs. He is the author of a collection of poems called 2 Produce And Create. The theme of death and the need to build a new society in which, according to Tupac, “we can educate ourselves” are the central themes of his poetry.

September 7, 1996 Tupac was a guest at the Tyson fight. Tyson once again turned out to be Tyson and, honestly working out his fee in the ring, defeated his rival Seldon to everyone’s rejoicing. After the fight, Tupac went to his great friend Suge (Marrion “Suge” Knight). With him, Tupac intended to celebrate Tyson’s victory in one of the clubs in Los Angeles.

On the way to the party with their black BMW, a white Cadillac caught up at the crossroads, from which unknown people opened fire, wounding Tupac four times: twice in the chest, once in the shoulder and thigh. Shugu’s head was slightly grazed by a bullet, so he was able to turn the car around and quickly leave. The BMW, pierced in fourteen places, clearly exceeding the speed, stopped a police patrol a minute later and, seeing Tupac covered in blood, called an ambulance.

Tupac was in critical condition for several days. He underwent a lung transplant, but this did not save the life of an outstanding rapper. Exactly one week Tupac was in the hospital in critical condition and most of the time unconscious, when on Friday, September 13, 1996, the rapper’s mother, Afeni Shakur, gave her approval to turn off the machines to support vital functions of the body due to the severe pain endured by her son. At 4:03 p.m., he was pronounced dead. At the time of his death, Tupac was exactly 25 years old.

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