Why Is YouTube Music Blocked?

YouTube is the world’s largest video publishing platform. Over a billion hours of footage are uploaded daily, more than you could watch in your entire lifetime.

Unfortunately, sometimes YouTube can be disappointing. Although it has a large library, not all films are available everywhere and always.

If you are unable to open a YouTube video, there can be many reasons for this. It could be the restrictions of the country you are in, the network settings in your office, or just a technical issue. Whatever the reasons, there are many different ways to solve this problem.

YouTube access may be blocked in schools and college campuses. The reason for this is the desire to prevent distraction; schools don’t want students to watch YouTube videos in class. However, this blocking can be annoying when you want to show a clip to a friend or when you want to watch an explanatory video.

Offices with many people also often block social networking sites and restrict access to improve productivity. Some YouTube content may not be suitable for viewing at work, and music videos and other content may be useful if you sit at your desk all day.

YouTube has always been under pressure from various governments to remove “inappropriate” content from its available library. Due to these restrictions, not all YouTube videos are available everywhere. If some government blocks YouTube for one video, YouTube will usually restrict access to that particular video to help get their services back.

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There are also some countries that completely block YouTube (such as China, North Korea, and Iran). Other countries blocked YouTube for short periods of time (Russia, Pakistan, and Turkey), usually during periods of political unrest or elections.

If you don’t want to set a proxy, you can use some browser add-ons to unblock YouTube. Applications allow you to bypass geo-restrictions and gain access not only to YouTube, but also to other restricted sites. These add-ons create encrypted tunnels between your device and one of its proxy servers. This allows users to bypass censorship and firewalls. If you are a Chrome user, you can use the built-in app. This plugin uses a US proxy to help you unblock YouTube videos. It’s good that the YouTube page will load using a proxy server, but the video will load without it at maximum speed.

Other browser add-ons are also available in the app store, from which you can choose the right add-on. The use of third-party services in these cases is quite effective. Although bypassing the geo-blocking of the service in some countries can lead to sad consequences in them from a legal point of view, it is still quite possible.

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