Why Is YouTube So Expensive On TV?

Google Corporation is doing everything to make its branded YouTube application profitable. Even though users watch a billion hours of video a day, the service often fails to generate the expected revenue.

This is where YouTube TV comes in, a pay-TV service in the United States with some differences from similar world-class video hosting sites.

YouTube TV costs almost $65 a month, with a one-week free trial period for every new subscriber.

The application has eighty channels, including American open television, sports (ESPN, Fox Sports), news, entertainment (FX, USA, Syfy), children’s (Disney Channel, Disney XD) and others. In addition, the service includes hundreds of original YouTube Red series.

Each subscription entitles you to six separate accounts with personalized content recommendations. At the same time, video streaming can be performed on three devices simultaneously. YouTube TV is available for Android, iOS, Chromecast, and the web.

Unfortunately, it cannot be said that the video service is compatible with all operating systems and platforms. But every day their list is expanding.

 One of the differentiators of YouTube TV is the “cloud video recorder”. This means that any user will have unlimited space in the cloud to record live programs and then be able to stream them on their TV, smartphone or tablet. More than one program can be recorded at a time and will remain available for nine months.

Another difference is the customer service, which usually leaves a lot to be desired in the US. Google promises excellence in this area, and the user will be able to get in touch via the app – chat or voice – whenever they encounter a problem. Users have repeatedly noted the high professionalism and efficiency of the video service technical support staff.

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The company already has a good track record in services such as Google Fiber and Project Fi (a mobile operator). And since it’s a Google product, YouTube TV has search and content customization features. For example, the user can type in “time travel” and get a list of movies and series on that topic, or type in the name of a program to see all available episodes. There will also be suggestions based on your habits. The service has an efficient algorithm of recommendations for users.

It’s all pretty cool, but this “online cable TV” comes down to the limitations of the cable channels themselves. Some of them are not available because they do not agree with Google.

Also, the user will not leave advertising. In fact, Google itself will sell advertising that will appear on the service, in addition to the channels themselves. It will be possible to skip ads in videos recorded on a cloud DVR (if you promote the video).

The high cost of the video service is due to its wide functionality. The user can access exclusive video content. For example, these may be movies or series that can only be watched using this platform. It also has many exclusive educational videos that will be very useful for schoolchildren and students. Therefore, this category of users really appreciates YouTube TV.

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