Why isn’t my Music Library Syncing to my iPhone?

Apple Music allows every user to sync their libraries by using iPhone, Mac, and even PC. However, despite such a great variety of ways, each of them can bring every user some difficulties.

Why isn’t my Music Library Syncing to my iPhone?

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We can’t tell you about all problems that may occur as it will take too much time. However, today we would like to answer the most frequent question: “Why isn’t my music library syncing to my iPhone?”

There are some reasons why it doesn’t sync to the iPhone device. Let’s overview each of them.

The first reason is the disabling of the appropriate option at settings parameters. If you want to activate this process, you should make sure that the” option is turned on your device. Maybe, you don’t know how to do it? Just follow the next process:

  • go to the device settings;
  • follow the “Music” section and look at the synchronization option.

If it is turned off, just activate it and you will solve the problem of the library synchronizing.

The second reason may be the completion of Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription. If your subscription ends, you can’t sync your library anymore. Want to solve the issue? All you need is to renew your subscription.

Have already checked everything but still have the same problem? Try to check the next things:

  • network connection;
  • the version of iOS (you should have the latest one).

We have listed the main options for solving such a problem. However, if you have already tried everything and nothing works, it’s better to contact the Apple Support team. We are sure that they will be happy to help you to solve the problem at any time.

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