Why Isn't Resso Banned?

The Resso music streaming app was born in China. Its developer and owner was the Chinese company ByteDance (owner of TikTok). This project has become one of several successful startups of the Chinese company.

Today Resso successfully operates in India, Indonesia and Brazil, and gradually enters the market in other regions of the world. Moreover, India accounts for more than half of the downloads of this music application. Can it be considered regional today? Probably not, because streaming market analysts believe that Resso will be able to successfully compete with the leaders of the global music streaming market in the foreseeable future.

Why Isn't Resso Banned

But many music lovers are interested in the question of why there is so much information noise and so many controversial opinions around this application? The explanation is simple – TikTok and Resso belong to the same owner. And regarding TikTok, there is a lot of negativity on the net. In addition, this platform is banned in India, the United States of America and some other countries. The authorities of these countries explain the ban on reasons of national security. Allegedly, this streaming service is engaged in the distribution of child pornography and is caught in the collection of personal data of users. For example, the American military is strictly prohibited from using TikTok, otherwise they face administrative penalties and a complete ban on the use of the Internet.

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But Resso does not cause objective concerns among security personnel, since at the moment there are no facts that confirm the collection of personal data of users by this application and their subsequent transfer to a third party. That is why the application was not blocked in India, which is generally distinguished by increased attention to issues of morality and ethics. In addition, a computer revolution is taking place in this country today. A colossal number of Indians are becoming Internet users, lagging far behind most regions of the world in this respect. But many still cannot perfectly own gadgets and the issues of preserving personal data, and in general they are very frivolous about computer security.

But the Indian authorities, even fully aware of this situation, still did not block Chinese music streaming, despite the fact that they blocked several dozen applications from Chinese developers. The authorities of Indonesia and Brazil also did not apply any administrative restrictions against Resso, considering this streaming service safe for users and national security. This position is very important for the service, it will be able to ensure its further growth and development, as well as a significant expansion of the geographical coverage.

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