Why People Are Switching From Spotify To Apple Music

Music streaming has become the most popular and in-demand music transmission channel today. There are a huge number of music streaming services in the world that offer their users streaming music.

If anything has propelled Spotify to the top spot, it’s its impressive catalog of over 70 million songs. Add to that the fact that it adds over 60,000 new songs every day, and it’s clear that the service offers more music than your ears might want to hear. The Swedish streaming service puts the latest album releases, exclusive live performances and a few new singles every Friday right on the New Releases tab, providing a great way to hear the latest news from established artists and other rising stars alike.

For its part, Apple’s service has more than 75 million songs, which is higher than Spotify’s current record and also surpasses newer competitors like Amazon Prime Music and Jay-Z Tidal. Similarly, Apple has been working to get more exclusives than the competition, mostly because it doesn’t have free services.

Switching From Spotify To Apple Music

With so many song lists, streaming libraries might seem intimidating for those looking to discover something new, but Spotify offers a lot of useful tools for finding newly released songs that suit your tastes. Personalized playlists like Discover Weekly provide a fantastic opportunity for subscribers to discover new music from artists they may never have discovered before. With dozens of major genres to choose from, the treasure trove is deep, preparing new music of your choice. Other custom playlists such as Daily Mixes are constantly being added. Spotify even has a themed series called Secret Genius.

There’s another area where Apple Music has an edge over the competition: integration with the iTunes library. Any music you own, previously purchased from the iTunes Store, ripped from a physical CD, or uploaded to iTunes Match will appear in your Apple Music library, allowing you to enjoy your own music along with the standard Apple catalog. Spotify offers a similar feature by moving your local music files to a separate tab, but you can’t access your music through broad searches like you can with Apple Music.

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As for Apple Music, when creating an account, users must select some of their favorite artists so that the service can learn your tastes. Similarly, you can always re-like your likes in the Account tab, which can be accessed by tapping the icon in the top right corner, and re-select your favorite genres and artists.

Although this option is visually appealing, its style is a little different from being utilitarian. Particularly on mobile devices, these selections slowly fill up the screen as they bounce off each other, making it difficult to select more performers.

Playlists can be based on a specific style, a specific artist, or even a specific activity like driving a car. Apple claims that playlists are put together by a “team of experts”. If so, these tastemakers do a good job of creating varied playlists that are both familiar and fresh.

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