Why Pioneer DJ Equipment Is So Popular?

Pioneer is such a big company in its own right that its individual divisions are vying for leadership in their own segments. One of them is DJ equipment for clubs and home studios.

 Pioneer DJ is one of the oldest players in this specific and rather narrow market. The specifics are explained by the fact that the alignment of forces has been clear for a long time, new players practically cannot hope for a more or less tangible share, and the number of notable manufacturers with wide product lines can be completely counted on the fingers of one hand.

For a long time, Pioneer DJ equipment, in particular, mixing consoles, which have become the industry standard almost from the moment of their appearance, coexisted with the equipment of the “sworn friend”, the Matsushita company, known under the Technics brand. It was the era of vinyl and the “warm tube sound” so beloved by aesthetes from acoustics.

But times have changed, analog media has become an anachronism, and all sorts of devices for playing digital content now rule the ball. This allowed Pioneer DJ to become the undisputed leader of the industry and gain almost monopoly status. The company still supports the fading CD in its flagship products, but the general shift to working with files instead of disc tracks and physical media in general is noticeable to the naked eye.

Controllers and other devices from this manufacturer are very popular and in demand, being part of a mobile complex for organizing a DJ workplace at any venue, regardless of its equipment level.

If you briefly describe the mechanism of the controllers, then everything looks something like this. The DJ records audio files on the laptop hard drive that he plans to use for his performance. Almost any laptop can be used, subject, of course, to compliance with the requirements. They are quite soft, any old laptop with Windows or Mac OS X operating system will do. During the installation of programs (Traktor or ITCH), the controller is paired and functionality is checked.

Further, for the performance you will need only a laptop and a controller. They are connected via USB, and the audio signal from the controller is fed to the audio system. Using the controls on the controller, the DJ controls the playback of files and, in fact, does his job, brings positive vibrations to people.

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It should be noted that Pioneer DJ, contrary to its “talking” name, did not become a pioneer in the market of DJ controllers. Controllers have a lot of controls, dozens of buttons, switches, regulators. No matter how hard manufacturers try to introduce touch control wherever possible, the good old hardware controls from professional equipment will not go anywhere – feedback is very important, the ability to work by touch.

When releasing their controllers and other equipment, Pioneer DJ prepared well, and the products turned out to be uniquely adjusted to the last screw. They compare favorably with their counterparts in workmanship, dimensions and ergonomics.

Users have a choice, products went into the series immediately under the two most popular programs for working with tracks a year. The disadvantages of the devices can be attributed, perhaps, only the price. This equipment has never been cheap. But in this case, the price is fully consistent with the quality.

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