Why Podcasts Started Being Used In Advertising In 2023?

There are two types of podcasts: radio repeats and custom podcasts. They are created by independent people, brands or podcast agencies.

A native podcast is an audio program that a brand or agency comes up with from scratch. It is not tied to a radio or television channel. Brands are then given more freedom to create their own style. Among the native podcast formats:

  • solo podcast: the host is alone and must keep his audience until the end of his show
  • co-hosted podcast: several hosts discuss a chosen topic together
  • guest podcast: an interview or interview that allows you to immerse yourself a little more in the intimacy of the person being interviewed, then you build a trusting relationship with your audience

The podcast has become a real marketing tool to consider in your communication strategy. Its format leaves a lot of freedom for companies wishing to launch their own podcast. Their podcast audience may be made up of customers, partners, or employees, but it also has the ability to serve a much broader purpose.

A branded podcast gives its users a more personalized brand experience. We can discover a side of it that was unknown until now, learn more about its history or even the sector it belongs to. Indeed, according to the Yougov 2022 report, podcast listeners listen to them to get information and even exercise. They have a real learning expectation towards this playful format that can be listened to anywhere, anytime.

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You can also choose the so-called investigation format to analyze a real or fictional fact, or even create a narrative podcast with stories for young and old.

Today, podcasting is integrated into the overall content strategies of brands. A communication tool for an exceptional audience, a branded podcast allows you to reach a much wider audience than just the company’s customers. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that brands can have a more intimate approach and get closer to their customers or partners.

A brand podcast allows companies to make a different connection with their customers, partners, or employees. This new sound medium allows brands to use a more original or less formal tone than usual. Through the podcast, we see the birth of a new form of customer relationship.

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