Why Shouldn't You Put Your Music On Spotify?

If the artist is independent and releases his own songs, the entire amount will go to the artist. This solution has many advantages and disadvantages. The musician is then responsible for promotional activities and pays for the clip, advertising, etc. from your pocket. How much does Spotify pay to play one song? This is from $0.006 to $0.0084. It seems a little, but it turns out 6-8.4$ for 1000 plays.

Why Shouldn't You Put Your Music On Spotify

Let’s take the example of Great Britain to understand the situation in numbers. The minimum hourly wage in the UK is £8.72 for people over 25. Statistics show that artists who put their music on streaming services – with the exception of big stars – have almost no chance of earning a similar amount. From an artist’s point of view, Amazon Music is the friendliest place for them out of all the major music services. One listening session pays an average of £0.009. For an artist to earn one pound, his work must be listened to 111 times. If a musician wants to earn minimum wage per hour in the UK, listeners must click on his track 970 times. With other music services, the situation is even worse.

Musicians on Spotify earn too little. This is probably why artists have petitioned to increase the amount of royalties Spotify pays to bands whose music is on the site. In the petition itself, the organizers turn to billionaire Spotify CEO Daniel Ek and accuse him of shifting all responsibility for low earnings onto them.

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In the petition itself, the artists were very clear about how much it costs to create a record, promote it, and how it compares to the potential revenue from the platform. The creators show that in their case, just making one single costs so much that if it does not get more than a million views, they will not be able to earn practically anything at all.

Moreover, the problem of tragically low earnings on Spotify is not new, so it also shows that the board does not intend to change this status, taking advantage of the fact that none of the competing services decided to pay musicians more. for their work. The disappointment is understandable, because at this price per session, bands might as well share their tracks for free.

Using Spotify to earn money for a novice artist is completely inefficient. If you are not a star (not necessarily the first magnitude), then the chance to make a living from streaming on Spotify is close to zero.

Of course, you need to start somewhere. And from this point of view, Spotify is a good platform where you can gain experience and earn some small money, which will give you confidence in your abilities to further climb the musical Olympus.

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