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Why Six Passes An Hour On Spotify?

The Swedish music streaming app Spotify is considered the most popular in the world. At least, this is evidenced by the huge number of users around the world, which at the end of 2022, there are almost 460 million.

The streaming service has two versions: paid and free. Of the number of users mentioned above, only 195 million use the premium subscription to Spotify today, the rest use the free version of the application.

Spotify’s 6 passes per hour is one of the limitations of the free version of the app, which is removed after purchasing a Premium subscription.

First, let’s figure out what passes are in Spotify, and what they are for. In simple terms, this is the user’s action with the intent to skip to another song while listening to an album. This decision can be caused by various reasons:

  • track sounds not the first time;
  • the user does not like the composition;
  • the person plans to listen to what happens next.

For app developers, Spotify omissions usually mean that the music lover didn’t like the track. In this case, it is less common or disappears from the playlist altogether with several flips of the same song.

The second question that needs to be discussed is what 6 passes per hour from Spotify means. This is one of the limitations of a free app subscription that you have to put up with. Along with this limitation, users of a free account are forced to put up with other disadvantages:

  • the presence of advertising during use;
  • inability to download songs;
  • lower sound quality (only 160 kbps);
  • the inability to set your order of listening to tracks;
  • lack of access to new releases within 14 days, etc.

The Spotify track skipping limit is just one of the downsides of the free version. Its essence is that the user can scroll through no more than 6 tracks per hour. After the limit is exhausted, this option is “frozen”. The countdown of the 60-minute period starts from the moment of the first pass, and the update occurs exactly one hour later.

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A lot of research has been done on skipping songs on Spotify. They were studied by blogger Paul Lamer, who came to the following conclusions:

  • The average listener skips Spotify songs about 14.65% per hour or every four minutes. For women, this figure is at the level of 44.75%, and for men – 45.23%. From this it can be seen that 6 passes per hour may not be enough.
  • When using the application on mobile devices, the percentage of flips is 51.1%, and for PC it leaves 40.1%. This means that when listening to music on desktop devices, users are more focused on background playback.
  • The swipe ratio changes with age. For example, teenagers use this option more often (in more than 50% of songs). Not surprisingly, 6 passes per hour on Spotify is not enough for them. The adult generation uses this option less frequently (35% of cases on average).
  • The day of the week also matters. On Saturday and Sunday, users scroll through songs more often than on weekdays.

If you want to get unlimited passes on Spotify, you need to cancel the limit. To do this, you will have to spend money and buy a Premium subscription. This removes the 6-pass per hour limit, boosts Spotify music playback to 320kbps, and unlocks other premium features.

A feature of Spotify is the presence of powerful algorithms, so the music is selected according to the wishes of the user and as accurately as possible. Newbie music lovers rarely use Spotify passes, so having hourly limits doesn’t bother them too much.

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