Why SoundCloud Is Interesting For Musicians

The global music market is undergoing dramatic changes. A few years ago, no one would have even thought that music streaming services would fill it almost instantly.

The German music streaming platform SoundCloud was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Berlin. Initially, the site was intended solely for the exchange of records between musicians and producers. However, the service soon turned into a platform where anyone has access to songs uploaded by artists, and also has the opportunity to listen to them directly in streaming mode, even without registration.

Over time, SoundCloud has somehow evolved into a kind of YouTube for playing songs. Despite this, the service is mainly used by music artists who do not have contracts with major music labels: most of the profiles on SoundCloud belong to more or less independent musicians, or rather those who work with the support of mainly minor labels.

However, after negotiating with several music labels, SoundCloud is offering a wide range of more mainstream music that is more focused on the commercial genre. However, newly added songs are only available on SoundCloud Go, and all tracks uploaded by the same artists and labels remain available for free.

Artists of every genre of music use this service to publish their music. In addition, the site has quickly established itself as a platform for downloading compilations, remixes or entire DJ sets.

With a paid SoundCloud Go subscription, the company has significantly enriched its music catalog with the express intention of creating more competition for Spotify, Apple and other major music streaming services. In order to expand the range, the company has set itself a larger number of users, or rather listeners, as well as an additional source of income. This can benefit unknown musicians who publish their works on the platform: after all, the more users use the service to listen to music, the larger the circle and number of potential listeners for each artist presented on SoundCloud.

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In this way, lesser-known artists can take the opportunity to be considered by SoundCloud as an alternative to more popular artists of the same genre and therefore suggested to listeners among “Suggested Tracks”. The algorithm manages music suggestions for each user based on both the listening habits currently recorded on SoundCloud and the likes and shares of artists and tracks. Thus, individual musical offers are created for each user.

To publish your music to SoundCloud, you have several options: the free profile allows you to upload up to 3 hours of audio material. With a Pro account, the space is doubled to 6 hours; Finally, with Pro Unlimited, you can download unlimited audio content.

To use SoundCloud Go (the music database is expanded to over 135 million tracks with many works by famous musicians), users need to invest a minimum amount, and with a Pro Unlimited subscription, you get SoundCloud Go at an even lower price. In addition, SoundCloud Go allows you to listen to music offline and (unlike free use) is completely ad-free.

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