Why Spotify Connect Pauses Play?

If you are unable to delete the data and reinstall it, Spotify Connect might be the culprit. Spotify Connect lets you listen to music “across devices” and control playback. The problem here may not be with your smartphone, but with your computer, which is constantly trying to pause playback. You can find out if this is the case relatively easily by deregistering your Spotify account from all devices and gradually logging in again everywhere.

Log into your Spotify account. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Log out everywhere” here. You will be logged out immediately from all devices.

If this solves your playback problems, the problem might be with another device. When you sign in to your devices again, see if problems reappear.

For example, a known issue is the “auto pause” feature in Discord. If you have connected Discord to Spotify on your PC and Discord pauses Spotify automatically, this can be transferred to other devices via Spotify Connect. But finding this problem generally takes time and nerves.

If Spotify is causing problems on your Android smartphone or iPhone, you should first keep an eye out for new updates. Removing the application and performing a fresh installation can then help. On Android, you can also delete the program cache.

If Spotify shows strange reactions under Android Auto and simply shuts down, the reason is usually not in the app, but in the smartphone. To turn off Power Saving Mode, go to Settings> Apps -> Spotify -> Battery -> Optimize Battery Usage.

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Spotify has recently blocked many user accounts. This is because of the recording apps that can be used to download songs from the streaming service. With this application, you can record music and do it even faster. Therefore, check if your account is blocked in the streaming service.

If you are having trouble using Spotify on Windows computer, the troubleshooting steps are as follows: The first thing to do is delete the local cached data. For this:

• close the Spotify application on your computer;

• open explorer and navigate to the following path: C: \ Users \ [username] \ AppData \ Local \ Spotify. Replace [username] with your Windows user;

• go to the “Data” folder, mark all records with [Ctrl] + [A] and delete all records;

• open the “Storage” folder and delete the entire contents of the folder, as in the last step.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll need to reinstall Spotify.

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