Why Spotify Costs Differently?

Spotify is considered the leader in the global music streaming market. This service owns over a third of this market today. A flexible tariff policy is considered one of the reasons for the success of the service all over the world. The richest countries have higher tariffs, while the poorest countries have minimal ones.

If in Denmark, which is prosperous in terms of solvency, the cost of a basic subscription will be just over $15, then in India it will cost only $1.59. marketing and tariff policy. After all, you cannot even compare the income level of the average Dane with the income level of the average Indian.

The lowest cost of a paid subscription in Africa. It is, on average, about 2.5 US dollars per month. But even this amount can be large for residents of many African countries, where the daily income per working person may not exceed 1-2 US dollars. A similar picture is observed in some Asian countries where Spotify works legally.

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As already mentioned, Spotify will be the cheapest in India. The reason for such tariff loyalty was not only the low solvency of the Indian population. The management of the Swedish music streaming service took into account that India has a huge population, and China, which is larger in population, is very difficult to master, since there are many local and very successful players in its market that will not allow a foreign stranger. Well, the competition in the Indian music market among music streaming platforms is high, as there are many local regional and very popular streaming music services among the population.

If you are going to save some money on a Spotify subscription, then you should do some research on the Internet and find out in which countries promotions for new users are held. In particular, this can be three or six months of the opportunity to use the free version of the streaming application or a subscription at an agreed loyal price. There are many options, but you need to follow them carefully. In this case, you will need to use the VPN application and select the country in which the promotion for new users is held when registering your new account.

As with most Spotify offers, it’s worth noting that the offer is only applicable to users who have not previously used Spotify Premium in a given country. However, you don’t need a new Spotify account for this. You can claim this offer with your existing Spotify account if you have never been a Spotify Premium member or have not requested a Spotify Premium trial.

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