Why Spotify Premium Is Better?

In recent years, the Swedish music streaming platform Spotify has taken a leading position among similar services. Music lovers in most parts of the world use the Spotify service to give their life a bright musical coloring. 456 million music lovers use the Spotify service, of which 195 million use the Premium subscription. The rest, as you might guess, use the free version of this service.

As the numbers show, the free version isn’t that bad. It has good sound quality and the ability to listen to popular music in streaming mode. In addition, this is a great opportunity to get directly acquainted with the Spotify service and decide whether it is suitable for individual musical preferences. According to statistics, 195 million people have chosen Spotify Premium. Why don’t they use the free version anymore, why is Spotify Premium better?

The paid Spotify subscription has several advantages over the free version.

The presence of ads is what depresses users of the free version. Spotify Premium provides ad-free listening to music content. This factor is very attractive to music lovers. Indeed, it is much more pleasant to listen to popular songs continuously and not be distracted by advertising.

Sound quality is not very important for the average listener who plays music just for the background. But if you listen to your favorite tunes, then there will be a desire to hear every note. Spotify Premium subscription gives you this opportunity. If the music sounds good in the free version, then it will sound very good in the Premium version. Spotify claims that in the Premium version, audio is transmitted at up to 320 Kbps. This is a very high quality sound that can reproduce the sound almost like the original.

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Another advantage is the ability to directly download music. That is, in Spotify Premium it is possible to enjoy your favorite musical compositions even without the ability to connect to the Internet. Very convenient, isn’t it?

Access to the entire media library is very important for a music lover. In the free version of Spotify, you can listen to streaming music with the ability to sometimes skip tracks that you don’t really like. In the Premium subscription, you can use the entire Spotify media library at your discretion. And it contains 82 million songs. There is no need to explain that in it you can find melodies of a very different genre or direction to your liking. The playlists that Spotify became famous for at the beginning of its history are still very much appreciated by users. In addition, with a Premium subscription, you can create your own playlists from your favorite songs and listen to them anytime, anywhere.

Spotify Premium offers several types of tariff plans for a reasonable price. The individual subscription costs $9.99 per month, the family subscription costs $14.99. There is also a student subscription and Spotify Duo, which combines two accounts for one price. Each of the Premium subscriptions has its own terms and benefits.

This is just a short list of reasons why Spotify Premium is better. To find out all the positive aspects, it is better to get acquainted with the Premium subscription in practice. But the choice, as always, remains with the user.

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