Why Was There An Attempt To Ban Resso In India?

In 2020, the music world was surprised that one of the most popular apps in the world, TikTok, was officially banned in India. But this is not the only loss for music and video lovers from India. Along with this application, a ban was imposed on another two and a half hundred applications originally from China.

What is the reason for such close attention of the Indian authorities to the products of Chinese developers?

The Indian authorities and, in particular, the special services, are very attentive to any developments that the Chinese are trying to introduce in their country. This is understandable, because relations between the two most populous countries in the world are not going through the best of times. The situation has especially worsened after the recent armed border conflict on the border of India and China.

Ban Resso In India

The ubiquitous statistics claim that the Chinese music app Resso has become one of the top three apps in India. The brainchild of ByteDance, which is originally from China, somehow imperceptibly, but very confidently climbed the Indian musical Olympus. Probably many factors contributed to this. In particular, the price of the application is quite acceptable even for the average Indian who earns between $60 and $100 per month. Secondly, the Chinese developers took into account not only the peculiarities of the local mentality, but also the musical tastes that prevail in this region of the world. Well, an important role was played by a well-constructed effective marketing campaign conducted by the Chinese owners of the application in India and Indonesia.

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There was more than one attempt to block Resso, this happened several times. Representatives of the Indian authorities are confident that Chinese applications harm the Indian economy, security and negatively affect the minds of Indian users. In particular, TikTok was accused of collecting users’ personal data and transferring it to Chinese intelligence agencies. The accusation is, of course, controversial. But it must be recalled that in the United States, the use of this very popular application is also prohibited. For example, the US military was categorically forbidden to use it. For failure to comply with this requirement, they face serious administrative responsibility and disconnection from the Internet.

But Resso continues to officially work in India, since the Indian authorities did not touch it with the ban, they considered the application safe and not posing a threat to national interests.

Of course, all these problems with bans could not but have a negative impact on the development of Resso in India. The owner company was forced to significantly reduce the aggressiveness of the advertising campaign and largely limit the marketing strategy. Now the main direction of development for the application has become Indonesia. The Brazilian market is also officially open to this music streaming service and is seen as very promising.

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