Why won’t my Spotify Songs download?

With over 50 000 000 songs on Spotify, tons of advanced features, excellent quality of music, and very tempting plans, Spotify is an opportunity not to be missed. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and conveniently everything works. New tracks are added all the time. There are impressive recommendations to keep you in awe. 

Therefore, it’s even more annoying than your tracks aren’t downloading. Don’t worry! These solutions will help you out no problem, and if they don’t there’s a community out there that can help as well as Spotify support. You’re not alone! Now let’s see what we can do about the problem. 

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Do you have enough disk space? 

Spotify recommends leaving at least a Gigabyte of disk space free. Good thinking considering these days you can download thousands of songs using Spotify Premium. By the way…

Are you using Premium? 

Only premium users can download tracks. The good thing is that it’ll only cost you the price of a good cup of coffee ($10). Now, that may be a cup of very good coffee you’re missing out on, but what’s better – that or having the ecstasy of music, the best of the world’s podcasts and audiobooks at your disposal? 

Too many accounts 

If you’re using more than five accounts Spotify will stop you dead in your tracks (not really but sort of). Ouch! 

You’ve reached your song limit

If you’re a big-time fan, you may have downloaded thousands of songs without knowing it. Check if you’re over or delete the old songs you no longer listen to. All these will be online when you’re back. No worries! 


If nothing else helps, Spotify’s world’s greatest team of heroes is always at your disposal. Contact the support for the best chance of resolving your issue easily and in no time. 

If there’s anything else you need, MusConv will be right here for you with more entertainment, updates, and advice you won’t find anywhere else. Have fun! 

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