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Will Apple Music have the ability to follow other playlists?

More and more people prefer to listen to music online rather than buy it and store it on devices locally, or store it in the form of CDs or records on shelves. The opportunity to listen to any songs at all, not just the ones you have purchased, looks very tempting. That’s why major music streaming players like Apple Music have become so popular.

Apple Music have the ability to follow other playlists

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Generally speaking, Apple Music is similar to iTunes Match, but there is no limitation to your media library. With Apple Music, you can listen to absolutely everything. A really big amount of music is available to subscribers – 70 million compositions. Moreover, Apple Music, as it seems, should work only with Apple devices, however, it works fine with Android devices too. That’s a really important point for a lot of people who choose this streaming service.

Should you pay for it?

Yes, this application is non-free, but you should pay for it not right away. During the first three months, Apple Music is available for new customers absolutely free. By the way, almost none of the major streaming companies offer a three-month trial period, so that’s a huge advantage of Apple Music. However, at the end of the trial period, it is necessary to make a choice of either using a paid membership or a free one.

With a free subscription, you can:

  • listen to your songs locally or from the cloud;
  • access to Beats 1;
  • listen to certain radio channels with ads and track pass limits;
  • track artists in Connect.

With a paid membership, in addition to all free functions, you’ll get the following advantages:

  • non-limited track skips for radio stations;
  • the opportunity to like, comment on, save and play music from Connect;
  • limitless listening to any music from the catalog;
  • the ability to listen to tracks offline;
  • the opportunity to listen to all purchased and added music online from the cloud;
  • curated playlists and music recommendations.

As you can see, the service has a lot of advantages, however, if you’re looking for streaming where you can, for example, create playlists and share them with your friends, or keep track of what they’re listening to, will Apple Music work for you or is it better to choose Spotify? Will Apple Music have the ability to follow other playlists and see what music friends listen to as with Spotify? The answer is yes, for that you need to:

  • Click the button “Edit” at the bottom of your profile.
  • Select the music playlists you want to have shared. 
  • Press “Done.”

In the same way, your friends can share their playlists, giving you access to what they’re listening to.

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