Will BTS win a Grammy Award?

South Korean band BTS is nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of musical groups. This mega-popular team has become famous over the past few years. But his Grammy rivals are famous performers with a world name.

BTS say they don’t expect to win the upcoming Grammy Awards. Recall that the group is recognized as the best group for the number one hit on Billboard «Dynamite» at the 54th Grammy Awards. This is also the first Grammy nomination for these South Korean artists. However, the group states that it does not expect much due to fierce competition in this category.

Will BTS win a Grammy Award

It should be noted that duets and group performances with the participation of Lady Gaga, Taylor, Bieber and many others are nominated for the award. Members of the South Korean team for the first time at such a prestigious world-wide music festival, therefore, they still do not always navigate the situation.

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According to the performers, the Grammy is something like an American roller coaster: forward-backward. This is the transition of the Thudu and back from despair to dream, from disbelief in one’s strength to maximum efficiency and confidence in the future.

Despite  doubts and hesitation, BTS expresses great gratitude to the organizers of the Grammy Awards for the fact that the group was nominated. Even if luck turns away from South Korean singers, the very fact of participating in such a prestigious international competition will be a huge step for their musical career as a whole.

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