Will CDs Be Worth Anything In The Future?

Downloading music from the Internet and the mass nature of music streaming services has led to a sharp drop in sales of music CDs and continues to decline – there is no doubt about it. The music industry is aware of this, although it is not yet ready to move away from CDs.

Music CD sales won’t be as big as they were a few years ago. One of the greatest, perhaps even the greatest, advantages of the Internet is its ability to be shared and copied easily. There is no way to tell someone who is an Internet user to turn off file sharing. The World Wide Web just wasn’t built that way.

 Will CDs Be Worth Anything In The Future

It has long been known that some bands or solo artists earn money mainly from concerts, and selling CDs for them is more a form of additional income than the main source of income. And there is nothing strange in this: why buy someone else’s album, because the same songs, with almost the same sound quality, can be downloaded or listened to for free from the Internet? The very fact that hard drives are currently available offering, for example, 1000 GB of capacity, tells us how to fill all this space. After all, not with text documents, but with music, films and games. The vast majority, of course, are pirated copies.

It costs a fortune to create a good music album, and the average Internet user can get all the songs from it for free – in just a few clicks. We just don’t respect the work that went into making this album. We just copy it and then share it with others because someone shared it with us.

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Today, file sharing is as easy as cottage cheese. And this practice cannot be stopped. Moreover, millions of Internet users realize that they are doing wrong, and they are even called pirates. But they are proud of it because they have their favorite music for free.

But statistics show that there has been a significant increase in CD sales over the past two years. The dynamics of growth has become positive after a decade and a half of decline. This is especially noticeable in the United States of America and Japan.

In addition, new technologies have appeared today and the time is not far off when a 700 TB CD will appear on the market. Therefore, it is hardly worth stating unequivocally that CDs have become an irretrievable past. Today, their release and sale is gradually reviving, and the CD itself is in trend. So far, this is rather a tribute to musical fashion, but not practicality. But when such media with colossal possibilities appear, then a full-fledged return of the CD to the music market is quite possible.

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