Will Foo Fighters tour in 2021?

The world is looking to get back on its feet after the pandemic that has killed millions of people. Concerts have been cancelled, tours postponed and more artists are still missing in action. The population is slowly rising from the tragedy but how will it feel when you can come to a concert again? 

Music has been one of the most prevalent forms of culture since its inception. It is an escape for many people, a way to feel less alone in the world. Music tours have long been an important form of tourism around the world, with fans often visiting places they might not otherwise go and seeing things they would never see without that music tour.

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Foo Fighters are one of the most famous groups in the world thousands of people adore. With their last concert dating back as far as October 2018, many are looking to the pandemic-free future with tons of concerts with anticipation. But when will that future come? 

The biggest new tour by Foo Fighters will happen in 2021 or 2022 and will feel absolutely massive after a long break dictated by the pandemic. You can find out more about it here

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