Will I lose all my music if I cancel Apple Music?

By terminating your paid subscription to the Apple Music streaming service, you will lose access to the music streaming content you added or downloaded to your media stack from the Apple Music catalog.

The question arises about why it happens like this?. The answer to it is simple — because the streaming service from Apple establishes DRM protection on all its tracks. This is done in order to avoid a situation where users simply register in order to download a lot of music and tracks and play them offline. And they will simply cancel the subscription. When you unsubscribe, the user loses access to all playlists that were created by him, as well as to any music downloaded on this streaming service.

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It should also be borne in mind that after the end of the subscription, all playlist and individual songs are not saved in the user’s account. When you renew a paid subscription, you will have to recreate them. But this applies only to the music content that was available on the Apple Music streaming service. But the content that was purchased from the music virtual store iTunes continues to be the property of the user and is at his disposal. This audio content is bound to an Apple ID and can be downloaded again.

To understand the principle of action and the difference between Apple Music and iTunes, give a simple example. Music on the Apple Music streaming service cannot be the property of a user. He, to put it that way, rents it from the service and listens. As soon as the lease itself ends, the possibility of access to music immediately ends. When the lease is renewed and the corresponding subscription fee is made, access to music is resumed.

But in the iTunes Store there is a purchase of music content in the literal sense of the word. And the purchased goods, of course, become the property of the buyer.

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The loss of the entire media library can be avoided by paying a timely fee for the use of the music streaming service. A couple of days before the end of the subscription period, the user receives a warning in the form of SMS or a letter to his email. This will be a simple payment reminder and a warning that your current subscription is about to end. You just need to make a subscription fee, and in this case, the service services, like the entire media library, will remain available. You can also set automatic payments in the settings, in which the system itself will pay for the use by automatically debiting the necessary amount from the user’s credit card, the details of which he contributed to the section «Payment settings».

You can save music from Apple Music in only one way – by downloading it to a physical medium. The downside of this method is that the user will have to convert the protected music format on the streaming service into an unprotected MR3 format.

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