Will Kimotion Be A Rising Star In 2023?

Kimotion is a French electronic music group formed in 2014. The group consists of two members, Maxime and Antoine, who met at an electronic music festival in France. Both of them were immediately drawn to electronic music, and they decided to join forces to create their own sound.

Since their formation, Kimotion have achieved great success in France and have expanded their presence by playing electronic music festivals all over Europe. Their music is characterized by catchy beats and electronic melodies, as well as inspiring lyrics that speak of love, life and daily challenges.

Kimotion’s debut album “Dreamers” was released in 2015 and became an instant hit. Their signature song “Lost in Your Eyes” became one of the most popular songs of the year and was played in clubs across Europe. Since then, Kimotion have released two more albums, “Echoes” and “Limitless”, both of which were very well received by the public and cemented their place as one of the most popular electronic music groups in France.

Kimotion is also known for its energetic and interactive live performances, which often include light shows and visual effects. Their passion for music and dedication to their audience is clearly visible in every performance.

Apart from his music career, Kimotion is also involved in philanthropy, working with organizations that support young electronic music talents. They have also created their own foundation, the “Kimotion Foundation”, which helps young aspiring musicians in their pursuit of music.

Today, Kimotion has created the Kings of Scam soundtrack from scratch, available on Netflix. This documentary is about the robbery of the century that took place in France a few years ago. This operation, dreamed up by three men, aims to take advantage of the system and pocket billions of euros.

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The documentary “Les Rois de l’Arnaque” is interspersed with Kimotion snippets such as “Over That Girl”. On their Instagram account, the group shares their joy in participating in this project. In mid-January 2023, the duo returned with their latest title “Oulalala”. The sounds of this piece are reminiscent of the style of the French bands Daft Punk or M83.

As you can see from their music videos and single covers, Kimotion really does have a universe of its own. These hotheads are making a splash. Without a doubt, the two brothers could indeed be the future of French Touch.

In conclusion, Kimotion is one of the most talented and influential electronic music bands in France. With their inspiring music and passion for music, they continue to inspire electronic music fans around the world.

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