Will Pink Tour In 2023?

Alicia Beth Moore, professionally known as Pink, is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She began her career as a member of the girl group Choice in 1995 before releasing her debut solo album Can’t Take Me Home in 2000.

The singer released seven studio albums, but only some of them became popular, received commercial success and were very positively evaluated by world music critics.

But the singer conducts versatile activities. She not only sings and tours in many countries of the world, but also actively acts in films and TV shows. Therefore, Alicia is also known as a popular actress.

During her musical and stage career, Pink has received many prestigious international awards, becoming one of the most popular performers of our time.

It is thanks to her artistry, stage talent and properly built marketing policy that the singer has become one of the artists who have the largest number of sales of their albums and singles. To date, a huge number of copies of her albums worth at least $100 million have been sold, which in itself is an excellent result.

Pink is also known for her philanthropy. She is a supporter of various charitable organizations and supports many causes. In particular, she is a sponsor of several charitable foundations, whose activities are aimed at combating the most common women’s diseases.

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Throughout her career, Pink has been known for her powerful and emotional performances, as well as strong, understandable lyrics. She has become an influential figure in the music industry, known for her ability to connect with her fans on a personal level.

In 2023, the singer is scheduled to tour the UK, which will take place from June 7 to 25. The concert series will be called Pink’s Summer Carnival.

The Truth About Love Tour of the singer is scheduled for autumn 2023 and will be held in Australia. So far, the exact dates of the concerts have not yet been determined, so the singer’s fans are looking forward to the announcement of this tour of their idol.

In mid-July 2023, the singer’s tour of Canada and the United States of America will take place. In particular, the singer’s concert at Toronto’s Rogers Center is scheduled for July 14. Further, the route of the tour will run through the largest US cities – Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit, Indianapolis, New York, Houston and others.

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