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Will Smith to engage in politics

In several interviews with journalists, the popular artist expressed his desire to engage in politics after the end of his musical career.

Will Smith said he still plans to run for political office in the near future.

To be honest, this idea visited the artist for a long time. He would have run for President of the United States during the last presidential campaign. According to the singer’s reassurances, he would do this to counter former U.S. President Donald Trump’s scandalous 2016 campaign – even if Smith did not follow that decision in politics.

Today Will Smith again announced his intention to build a political career, but he still doesn’t talk about time.

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The musician and actor had already stated his commitment to the ideals of democracy and the need to enter politics, telling CBS «Sunday Morning» in 2015 that he felt compelled to fight for a presidential seat.

«I think at the moment I’ll let this presidential office clean up a little bit, and then I’ll see it at some point in the future», Smith said, referring to Joe Biden’s recent inauguration as President of the United States. For now, he’s not disappointed with Joe Biden’s first steps as President of the United States.

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