Will Stray Kids Tour In 2023?

Korean pop group Stray Kids has become famous relatively recently. The fashion for Korean pop groups included in the massive colossal BTS, which received a huge number of prestigious awards and a collection of many of the best in the music world today.

The nine members of Stray Kids came from different parts of South Korea and had different backgrounds, but they all shared a passion for music. They first met each other when they auditioned for the reality show Stray Kids, giving them the chance to debut as a boy band.

During the show, the members faced various challenges and eliminations, but they quickly formed strong bonds with each other through the shared experience. They were blown away by the chemistry they had together as friends and as a group and knew they had to debut together.

After the show, Stray Kids began preparations for their official debut. They released their first EP “I am NOT” on March 25, 2018 and quickly gained a large following with their unique musical style and powerful performance. The group has gained popularity among their fans not only in South Korea, but also in other Asian countries and the United States.

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In the following years, Stray Kids released several albums, EPs and singles, and undertook several tours and successful performances. They have also received numerous awards and have been recognized by music industry professionals for their talent, hard work and dedication. Now Stray Kids is one of the most popular and talented groups in the music industry.

In 2023, the group is scheduled to perform in Tokyo and Osaka, as well as the Philippine Manila, as part of an Asia-Pacific tour called Na Encore. Concerts in Tokyo will be held on February 11 and 12, and in Osaka on February 25-26.

The group will visit the Philippines on March 11 and 12. Dates for the rest of the concerts in Jakarta, Bangkok and Singapore in Southeast Asia, as well as in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia have not yet been announced.

Nearby shows also include Los Angeles, where the band will play a show at Banc of California on March 31st.

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