Will the "Big Four" Meet In 2023?

Dave Mustaine, leader of Megadeth, continues to surprise fans with bold statements. He recently shared his old dream, which no one dared to reveal for a long time – to get back together with James Hetfield and try to create some kind of joint project.

And just a couple of days ago Dave again returned to this topic, however, in a more expanded, so to speak, composition. He remembered the Big Four and said that it would be nice to have her back. It is possible that many would support this idea, if not for one big BUT. As for Megadeth, Metallica and Anthrax – there are no questions with them, they agree, but what about Slayer? The group has officially broken up and all offers to reunite its former members are met with an invariable refusal.

Dave has a suggestion for this. He believes that Slayer for the sake of such an event could “come out of retirement” at least for one concert. “It would be possible to stir up something, for example, in the Los Angeles Coliseum,” Dave suggests. “Slayer is from LA, so we could play and go home tonight.” Mustaine says he has suggested they get together many times, but to no avail.

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Of course, we all welcome Dave’s idea, and a reunion of the great thrashers would be a huge celebration. But Mustaine wouldn’t be Mustaine if he didn’t look further. We must give him his due: he does not live for momentary success, but thinks about the future. Whether these four teams meet again or not, Dave sees the possibility of continuing the Big Four project with a different lineup. Moreover, he offers a replacement not only for Slayer, but for everyone else.

He recently pitched the idea that we need a new “Big Four” and there are bands ready to pick up that banner and carry it proudly around the world. Mustaine did not specify who he sees among them, but he did give a hint, naming the names of the best modern metal guitarists in his opinion. An interesting guess. It is interesting how the participants of the above-mentioned teams themselves will react to this idea.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich shared some fantastic news on a TV show yesterday: On April 14, 2023, Metallica will release “72 Seasons,” a 12-track album with “over 77 minutes of music.” In addition, Lars presented a new song called “Lux Eterna”.

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