Today EDM is one of the most widespread music genres all over the world. There are millions of regular listeners and avid fans of this category of art. The Tomorrowland festival was created to make pleasure for a wide fan audience.

Will Tomorrowland 2023 have 3 weeks?

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This year will be the 17th annual festival, which will take place in the beautiful Belgian place Boom. The organizers will offer to visitors:

  • 12 performance stages that are spread over a large area;
  • more than 600 artists who produce electronic music;
  • a huge area for camping, where it is possible to find everything for real celebration;
  • 5 restaurants where it is possible to taste a huge variety of food, including meals that are dedicated to the festival;
  • many amazing locations where it is possible to see performances that will reveal the main theme of the event;
  • a lot of places where there is a possibility to buy street food or souvenirs from the festival

One of the most frequently asked questions is: “Will Tomorrowland 2023 have 3 weeks?” Unfortunately, this year the festival will last only 2 weeks (two weekends to be exact). If you decided to attend this event, postpone your business and give you the real music party on July, 21 to 23 and 28 to 30.

For sure, Tomorrowland is one of the most interesting annual festivals that attracts a lot of people. That’s why the logical question would be, “Is Tomorrowland 2023 sold out?” In fact, even though sales didn’t start long ago, so, you should hurry to buy tickets.

The organizers have prepared many ticket variations for customers’ convenience. It’s especially helpful if you can’t attend all the days of the festival. So, here are the ticket types and their approximate prices:

  • Full Madness Pass (ticket with camping for July, 21 to 23 or July 28 to 30) – about $750 and more;
  • Magical Friday pass (ticket for Friday visit to the festival in the first or second week) – from $900;
  • Glorious Sunday ticket (you can choose between 1 or 2 weeks Sundays) – from $900.

Moreover, keep in mind that if you buy a camping ticket you can arrive one day early. So, you can get settled in prior to the festival. Once the event is over, you have one more day to pack up and get ready for your return trip.

Of course, not everyone will be able to go to Belgium for summer weekend to see the Tomorrowland Festival. Anyway, if you want to listen to the main headliners and feel the atmosphere of this incredible event, you can use your favorite streaming!

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