Will Turning off sync Library Delete Music?

Sync library is a wonderful feature that allows every user to sync his data without using any specific applications. The process of enabling the option takes just some minutes. However, the results are incredible.

 Will Turning off sync Library Delete Music?

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We are sure that every Apple follower has used it at once. However, how do you think has anyone turned off this feature? The answer is yes.

Sometimes users want to stop syncing their music across all of Apple devices. Want to do the same? Don’t be in rush! Firstly, give yourself the answer to the question: “Will turning off sync library delete music?”

Yes or no, that’s the question. Still, guessing? Let’s find answers together!

We have made some research and found the next assumptions: 

  • if a person deactivates the library option on iPhone, all songs disappear, however, tunes should resync when the appropriate option is turned back on;
  • if a person disables this option on a standard computer, it is possible to see that all tunes that were purchased via iTunes are available for him, so, it is possible to have access to those songs for streaming across iOS or even macOS devices forever.

Ambiguous answers, don’t they? If you wish to get clear results, you need to deactivate the option personally. In this case, you will know whether your music content is deleted or not. 

However, if we were in your shoes, we wouldn’t be so hasty with the experiment, as there is still a high-level risk to lose all music content.

Firstly we would ensure the safety of songs by moving them from Apple Music to Spotify, SoundCloud, or Tidal by using MusConv. It’s a special service that allows users to transfer playlists, albums, followed artists, and other musical content between more than 50+musical platforms.

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After that, we would go to the settings, deactivate the library option, and see what has happened. Music is still there? Great! Find out that all songs have disappeared? It’s not a problem. You have already backed up all songs and can find them on the platform where you have moved all your music content at any time.