YouTube And K-pop Music

The period when the term K-pop appeared can be considered the turn of the 2000s. It was at this moment that a new wave of South Korean music began to rise, which subsequently covered almost the entire world. K-pop has gradually expanded its geographic coverage, using not only traditional platforms, but also starting to use music streaming services and video services, one of which rightfully is YouTube.

Among modern media platforms, it is YouTube that is most closely associated with K-pop. After all, we are talking about the most representative video platform, which very easily provides users with access to videos from almost any country.

The first K-pop attraction that K-pop fans around the world feel is the song. In a previous survey, about half of all respondents chose music as the most attractive feature of K-pop. In fact, K-pop has a simple yet powerful melody.

 YouTube And K-pop Music

The fact is that behind the popularity of these songs lies a marketing strategy. Smart Korean agencies have been working on creating songs with global meaning for more than a decade.

The second K-pop attraction chosen by K-pop fans around the world is dance. K-pop dance, which makes your body want to dance just by looking at it, is massive and dynamic. Thanks to the addition of characteristic basic movements, they will be easy for everyone to follow.

The third K-pop attraction chosen by K-pop fans is the “visual element”, including the singers’ appearance and fashion. In today’s age of video, what is seen must be a more powerful weapon than what is heard. If you look at the idol groups that you are into, you can easily see that they are all visually superior to humans. K-pop has greatly increased this moment. From costumes, music videos, album covers to illustrations, every visual concept is carefully considered. It also creates a difference between idol groups.

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The dance skills and stage costumes of the singers never fall behind the trend, even when compared to American and Japanese artists. Rather, it is believed that the choreography shown by Korean groups doubles the desire to follow them. Here the advancement of sound cannot be ignored.

K-pop representatives are also used to promoting new albums through YouTube. YouTube appeared, and you yourself find and listen to music. Here, YouTube has become an era when you can enjoy not only music, but also videos. Music industry experts are convinced that the biggest beneficiaries of the YouTube era are K-pop artists.

As a result, we can conclude that YouTube has become the main channel for popularizing K-pop in the world. If it was only about music and songs, then there would be no such effect. But the combination of dance, song and incendiary movements in the video has brought incredible popularity to the Korean musical style all over the world. Here, YouTube has become an era when you can enjoy not only music, but also videos.

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