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YouTube music free

The 21st century is a time of great opportunities for musicians and their fans. Both of them can find different serious platforms for interactions. Now, the internet is crawling with various music streaming services like Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal, Apple Music, and others. All these platforms bring real pleasure to music lovers and good income to artists.

YouTube Music free

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We believe that you are already familiar with these services. However, do you know that YouTube has its own music streaming service which is called YouTube Music?

YouTube Music is a unique ecosystem with its own interesting features. It is a popular platform that contains a lot of various music content: songs, albums, videos, live performances, and more.

This platform is really useful, and every visitor will find something interesting there.

Do you want to try it? If your answer is positive, choose the appropriate version which will be the most suitable for you.

YouTube Music offers the following versions:

  • YouTube Music Free;
  • YouTube Music Premium.

Both of them will give you access to your favorite songs.

However, they have some differences. The Free version allows users to listen to music with annoying ads while the Premium subscription contains ads-free tracks and video. Moreover, the Premium version includes some benefits like background play an audio-only mode.

It’s currently available in 95 countries only, and this fact can upset users who have already created playlists on this platform. Even more, it can be like a small tragedy for travel-addicted persons who can’t imagine their adventures without favorite playlists.

Try it free

However, don’t bleed before you are wounded! We know how to cope with this little problem. All you need to do is to install the easy and comfortable application MusConv. It’s a useful service that will move your music content from one platform to another. Start transporting process and continue enjoying your favorite songs.