YouTube Music/transfer

Google decided to replace its platform for listening to Play Music music with another streaming service – YouTube Music.

The process itself took place throughout the year – gradually, and all users were warned in advance by e-mail about the replacement of services. But so far, not all users have already transferred their accounts to another platform. This feature will be available to everyone throughout 2021.

The question of how to switch to another platform from a smartphone on Android or iOS concerns many users.

The process is the same for transferring accounts for all devices, regardless of the operating system.

To start, make sure that the latest version of the mobile application YouTube Music is installed on the gadget. You can update it in Google Play or the App Store.

YouTube Music/transfer

Open the application itself, on the main page you will see the message «Transfer your Play Music library». You can also find this option in the program settings.

Then click on «Let’s Go» and the application will show what it can transfer: your music, downloads and your entire account with recommendations and preferences. All payment data will also be transferred to the application, and the subscription to Google Play Music will be replaced by YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium.

Click «Start Transfer» and the process of transferring your data will begin. At this point, you agree to the YouTube terms, music retention policy, and Google’s privacy policy that you confirm.

Next you will see the status of «Transferring your Google Play Music library». The migration process itself can take from a few minutes to several days, depending on the volume of your library. When your music transfer process is complete, you will be alerted to the successful transfer of your data.

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The transfer process itself is not an impossible task for an experienced user, although this transfer option is far from the only one.

The best option will be to use a specialized service for music transfer MusConv, which will help to complete the task in just a few clicks. This is an effective application with a wide functionality, which is not only very simple to use, but also has an intuitive interface, and it is completely easy to understand even the novice user. The task for him is significantly simplified, because it is transferred to this specialized service, and the user during the transfer of music can calmly drink tea or coffee, without bothering himself with unnecessary actions.

After all, make sure that you see your entire library, if something is not there – write in support of the application.

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