YouTube Music VS Spotify

Technology never ceases to amaze. Now Internet users will be able to sing to the rhythm of Spotify, and the app will decide how well users tune their voice.

Spotify has become one of the leading online music streaming apps. Over the years, this platform has been indispensable for many Internet users who want to have access to good quality songs and information about their favorite artists, albums, etc.

Spotify has announced a new alternative that will reach all users and could revolutionize the internet music industry: karaoke. For several years, Spotify has included the ability to view lyrics in real time. That is, users have the ability to read the lyrics while the song is playing, but this function is being improved.

Now Spotify wants to outdo itself and has added an option where the singing voice will be judged.

  1. You will need an updated version of Android and iOS mobile phones first.
  2. Next, you need to select a song and scroll down. In this space, you can see the lyrics of the song, and in the upper right corner there will be an option to “Sing”.
  3. When you choose to click on this option, the karaoke mode will be activated. Right there, you can enjoy a scorecard that will evaluate your performance.

To date, not all Internet users have received application updates.

It has been clear for quite some time now that YouTube and Spotify have become direct rivals in the markets for music, podcasts, and even video streaming. One of the most recent battles these two giants play is the musical countdown. Now Google has taken it one step further.

YouTube just made an announcement to link its music service to Spotify. The Google platform said that music recounts, which have hitherto been made annually, will now appear four times a year, meaning they will be updated every season of the year, starting in the spring.

The move appears to be one of various attempts Google is making on its music and video platform in the wake of clips coming to Spotify.

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At the end of 2021, YouTube Music released its first “annual report” – a personalized compilation of the most streamed tracks for each YT Music account. The style of this mechanic was similar to Spotify’s Wrapped.

The mechanic will allow you to easily list the music you listened to the most during the quarter so you can share it with your friends. Share Spring Recap by simply clicking the arrow at the bottom of the status card.

At the moment, the functionality does not seem to be in high demand. It remains to be seen if Spotify will fight back and decide to make Wrapped more often a year.

YouTube has become one of the most popular video and music platforms in the world because, in addition to several features associated with the Google system, it has certain tricks that improve the user experience, such as the ability to play the sound of your favorite videos even with your mobile phone locked. .

This trick is a great way to save money and energy on a cell phone, because on the one hand, in order to be able to listen to music in the application when the screen is locked, you need to pay a premium subscription, while when the cell phone is suspended, the device will use less batteries.

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