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YouTube playlist maker - create your unlisted playlists

Currently, there is no more popular platform in the world for watching different videos or listening to audio content than YouTube is. The application is the most widespread on the Internet. And there are many reasons for that.

YouTube playlist maker

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YouTube offers its subscribers a huge variety of different content. You can find what you are interested in simply by typing a keyword or key phrase into the search field. It can be on any topic, whether it’s fishing or fashion.

Also, here every user can express his opinion, share his thoughts, and even earn money through this platform. With this comfortable application, you have the opportunity to start running your own channel and post whatever you want on whatever topic you are interested in. As you gain subscribers, you will be able to earn money as well as do promotional videos.

Another advantage is that YouTube is completely free. Yes, it does have paid subscriptions, but if you don’t care about listening to something without being on the YouTube screen, there’s not much point in paying money.

In addition to video content, people often listen to music. It’s easy to find it here, there are tons of remixes, music videos, or even videos with lyrics. So, users have a really huge amount of available materials at their disposal.

Over time, based on the songs you listen to, the service automatically compiles and offers you appropriate playlists. A lot of users like this feature. However, you may also create such playlists on your own. This way you will have a perfect mix of music according to your taste.

The process of creating playlists is a long one. But there is an option to do it faster and more conveniently. The special application YouTube Playlist Maker can help. It’s an application developed by Google as an extension of standard YouTube.

So, to create a playlist, you just need to type the names of the tracks into the program with space and the playlist will be assembled automatically. In addition to track names, you can also insert links directly from YouTube itself.

Besides quick playlist creation, there are several other benefits of this extension:

  • creating collaborative playlists to share them with friends;
  • sharing playlists via a link;
  • auto playback;
  • ability to download created playlists.

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MusConv displays Youtube playlists for transfer to other music services

The special service MusConv can be useful if you need to transfer your music content between different streaming platforms. It works with more than 125 services. Its advantages are fast transfer and an understandable process. If you are interested, follow the link and download the application!