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YouTube to Spotify

MusConv easily imports your playlists and favorites from YouTube to Spotify

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MusConv easily imports your playlists and favorites
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MusConv easily imports your playlists and favorites
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With MusConv you can easily import YouTube to Spotify!

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How to import YouTube to Spotify

Transfer between YouTube and Spotify was never so easy! Try it out!

4 easy steps:

1 Select source as YouTube service

import YouTube to Spotify

2 Select destination as Spotify

transfer YouTube to Spotify

3 Select playlist you want to transfer

4 Take a coffee and wait till we move songs for you 😉

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MusConv displays Youtube playlists for transfer to other music services

Conversion from YouTube to Spotify

Having a good playlist converter is essential at times and now days there are plenty of playlist converters out there that enable to shift or transfer your music.

Yet, let us give you a food for thought; Are they all effective and efficient? Do they all transfer files in a secure manner? The answer is, obviously not. There are tons of online converters yet none of them would be as flawless as MusConv.

Yes, MusConv is the perfect application for you when it comes to transferring your playlist(s) from one platform to another.

Our application allows you to shift your music from YouTube to Spotify, Spotify to iTunes, or from Apple music to Tidal and to keep it short, there are an abundant number of combinations.

We support a large number of musical media platforms which is why we are the best option for you.

So how can I convert my music from YouTube to Spotify

Converting your music from YouTube to Spotify is extremely easy if you are using our application. You will have to download our application and this is a must. You can do it by visiting our website and clicking on the “Download” link.

The download would begin and you can install it onwards. Then you will have to perform the following steps to complete the work:

  1. Launch the application
  2. Click on YouTube. A pop up window would appear where you will have to login with the correct username and password
  3. Once done, click on Spotify and repeat the above process
  4. Go back to your YouTube section where the music list will have been loaded automatically
  5. Select the music items you wish to move by checking the boxes
  6. Next click on the black transfer button on the right of the window
  7. Choose your destination platform which is Spotify. Don’t forget to choose Normal transfer.

And that is it, your work is done. You have successfully shifted your music items from YouTube to Spotify and if you want to learn more about YouTube to Spotify you may do so on Wikipedia. The benefit of our app is that you could enjoy music anywhere and anytime. You can transfer and save your items via CSV. To learn more about CSV click here.

As Nina  LaCour says,

“It was the moment I realized what music can do to people, how it can make you hurt and feel so good all at once.”

So be expressive and cherish every moment with MusConv!

Youtube Spotify logos

If you are trying to find out a way to convert and transfer playlist from YouTube to Spotify, then you are poised perfectly. With YouTube, you can enjoy the videos and music you will love.

Furthermore, you can upload the original contents. In addition, the uploaded original contents could be shared easily while using YouTube. However, Spotify, on the other hand, is the largest music streaming provider in the world. It has over 75 million of paid customer and more 80 million of free users all over the world.

Furthermore, you can upload the original contents. In addition, the uploaded original contents could be shared easily while using YouTube. However, Spotify, on the other hand, is the largest music streaming provider in the world. It has over 75 million of paid customer and more 80 million of free users all over the world.

Transferring playlist from YouTube to Spotify

The transferring of playlist from YouTube to Spotify was incredibly tough once. However, playlist conversion has become effortlessly easy with the introduction of MusConv in to the industry. It has been operating for over ten years and running a business of repute.

However, to perform the transformation, you just need to log in to YouTube at first. After that, you will find out the YouTube playlist in your MusConv windows. Then you need to choose the playlists, which have to be converted. After choosing the playlist and the destination, you now need to log in to the destination account, which in this instance, will be Spotify.

Then, you just need to wait and observe. The transformation will be performed automatically. It usually takes a little bit of time to perform the conversion.

Why to transfer YouTube playlist to Spotify

When it comes to elaborate the pros of Spotify, it cannot be termed in words. It is completely customer centric. Furthermore, the Spotify services are completely affordable. In addition, the library of Spotify is huge.

The library of Spotify will be beaten, if it has to be compared with Amazon. In other instances, the library of Spotify cannot be beaten at all. It is needless to mention the music quality of Spotify, as you should know that it is one of the two music streaming providers delivering true lossless music.

On the other hand, the YouTube is more costly in relation to its benefits. Furthermore, the contents should be richer. In addition, YouTube should concentrate less on the advertisements, as it is getting irritating day by day. After each two or three songs, you have to watch an advertisement without skipping option to listen to the next one.

All in all, Spotify is completely unmatched in terms of music quality and music service. Furthermore, its non-music contents and podcasts are considered to be highly significant as well.

Spotify iPhone

Converting YouTube Playlist to Spotify trend is viral now in the Spotify dominated region. Ranging from US music streaming industry to Australia, the Spotify keep dominating the music streaming market and it is now the largest streaming music provider.

Adding to that particular fact, Spotify is going public into NY stock in the first week of April, 2018. Let us look at the financial forecast of the Spotify.

The financial forecast of Spotify

Recently, a press conference was held discussing about the prospects of Spotify getting public in NY stock exchange next week. According to that press conference, the growth rate has become slower when it comes to the comparison with previous year’s growth rate.

Yet, the financial picture is nice and smooth in relation to other music streaming providers. Without having any music accessories sales collaboration like Google, Apple and Amazon, the success rate of Spotify is really something to be zealous of.

According to the financial forecast, the Spotify financial team is expecting a ten percent growth in the end of 2018. Currently its revenue lies in 4.9 billion Euro and this Swedish company is expected to end the year with a revenue of 5.3 billion.

However, the growth rate was 30% in 2017. In the last quarter of 2016, the growth rate was more astonishing and it was around 50% at that time. However, dominating almost every inch of music streaming industry, Spotify is reaching the peak. During its course to reach the peak, it is also getting an immense stability. This concrete stability level will certainly help it in its upcoming stock exposure.

Converting YouTube Playlist to Spotify

Do you really need to convert YouTube playlist to Spotify? Aren’t you happy enough with the products of Google? Do you need more? If you need more, then what do you require more?

Well, the answers are simple. You do need more quality in the music and that is why you should look forward to a future focused music streaming provider like Spotify. In terms of its pre-releases and non-music contents, there is no match at all.

However, should you convert from YouTube to Spotify, you may use MusConv, an efficient tool to help you get through the complicated process of music playlist migration and conversion.

The process of conversion has been made pretty simple and all you need to do is to log in to both of your accounts and to choose the playlists you need to convert.

Top 8 Most Popular Music Videos in YouTube and How to Add YouTube Songs to Spotify


YouTube being the hub spot of all time hit songs, recently took a massive advancement in conjecture with Google Play Music. However, here in this article, we are going to elaborate two key facts.

Looking behind, we are going to demonstrate all-time most popular top twenty video songs of YouTube. In addition, we will provide a demonstration how you can add YouTube songs to Spotify.

Let us look at our list of all time top-8 YouTube songs.

All-time top-8 YouTube songs

  • Despacito by the Luis Fonsi, ft. Daddy Yankee: This particular video has 5.23 billion views
  • “See you Again” by Wiz Khalifa, ft. Charlie Puth released in 2015 has 3.61 billion views.
  • A 2017 video “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran has 3.57 billion views.
  • Gangnam Style by PSY from 2012 had 3.16 billion views
  • “Uptown Funk”, an upbeat video of 2014 by Mark Ronson, ft. Bruno Mars had 3.09 billion views
  • “Sorry” by Justine Bieber, a 2015 hit has wrapped up 2.59 billion views
  • A 2015 release, “Sugar” by Maroon 5 had 2.62 billion views
  • “Shake it off” by Tailor Swift had 2.57 billion views and it was release in 2014.

Now, let us look how you can add YouTube songs to the Spotify.

Preface to adding YouTube songs to the Spotify

Once music migration was very difficult and people had to go through massive trouble while transferring music and playlist from one music streaming service provider to another.

However, MusConv made the process of music migration pretty easier, being the number one music migration tool in the market. Let us look at the steps how you can add YouTube songs to the Spotify.

How to add YouTube songs to Spotify

  • Adding YouTube songs to Spotify requires little or no effort at all while you are using the MusConv.
  • At first, you got to download the tool. Downloading could be performed from the official website. However, the software is also available in numerous third-party software stores.
  • After downloading the file, install it and run it. You will be taken in to a pretty simple, yet effective user interface.
  • At the top left of that user interface, you will find out the music streaming services.
  • The whole process actually involves four steps. You need to choose the source and destination, and then you have to tap the button for music migration.

To be concluded, it has to be said that music migration could never ever get easier than this. More info about YouTube on wikipedia.

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