YouTube Premium Subscription - Is It Worth It?

YouTube Premium is paid YouTube without ads and with a few extra features. On your phone, you can listen to music with the screen off, download movies to memory, and watch TV shows on YouTube Originals. Should You Buy YouTube Premium? Let’s find out.

What does a YouTube Premium subscription actually give us? After all, Google must have an attractive offer for us. The user will pay, but only for what he considers necessary to pay.

YouTube without ads is perhaps the most important argument in favor of YouTube Premium. Ads that interrupt an interesting video on a valuable channel are just annoying. Therefore, showing ad-free content for a small fee that YouTube shares with creators may be acceptable.

Creators get paid from subscription revenue. The more views of their content, the more money they will receive from YouTube. The user does not see ads, but pays in cash to the account. It’s already profitable.

Downloading videos from YouTube – it just doesn’t make sense to pay for it. After all, there are plugins for most popular web browsers that allow you to download movies offline for free. People use them and are unlikely to want to pay for it. Downloaded videos will come in handy when traveling.

The YouTube Originals offer includes so-called exclusive content. These are, for example, serials, feature films and documentaries. Some creators only publish a portion of their videos on YouTube Originals as part of a YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube Music Premium – Music from YouTube on your phone with the screen off should be the biggest benefit of YouTube Premium. But not for everyone. Here’s what we get:

• You can listen to music on your phone with the display turned off and the application minimized (background playback).

• Friendly interface, recommendations, playlists, radio – the main functions of the music player.

• Offline music download.

Why do many users think YouTube Music Premium doesn’t make sense? Not only does this streaming service have a modest selection of songs, but they are also poorly organized. Many songs are played not from the official account of the artist, but from the accounts of unspecified users. This may mean lower quality (out of control compression, poor album art, mixed up or badly named songs, etc.). Also, in this case, we cannot go to the “show artist” option – it is only available on the artist’s official account. Tidal, Spotify and even Apple Music and many other services are much better in this regard.

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Worse still, movies and music added by unauthorized persons can disappear just like that, overnight, without any prior information.

Other services (such as the aforementioned Tidal, Spotiify or Apple Music) offer better and smoother sound quality. Differences between the various works of different artists are minimal. In YouTube Music, the compression is often too high, which is audible in higher quality headphones and on higher quality smartphones.

To summarize, it becomes clear that YouTube Premium subscription becomes a matter of individual choice for each user. It all depends on which features of the platform are most important to him.

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