How to Transfer YouTube Playlist to Apple Music in 2019?

With MusConv you can easily import YouTube to Apple Music!

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How to import YouTube to Apple Music

Transferring between YouTube and Apple Music has never been easier! Try it out!

4 easy steps:

1. Select source as YouTube service

import YouTube to Apple Music

2. Select destination as Apple Music

transfer YouTube to Apple Music

3. Select playlist you want to transfer

4. Enjoy a cup of tea while MusConv transfers your playlists for you 😉

Migration from YouTube to Apple Music was never so easy before

With MusConv you can convert YouTube playlists to Apple Music. You can copy all the playlists in your YouTube account to Apple Music. You can even transfer your liked YouTube lists.

youtube to apple music

How to Transfer Music from Youtube to Apple Music?

Here is how to convert playlist from YouTube to Apple Music:

  1. First, choose YouTube and login to your account (click on it on the left panel) 
  2. Select YouTube playlists you want to move 
  3. Second, choose Apple Music as a destination, enter your Apple ID. 
  4. The transferring started!

Converting playlists from YouTube to Apple Music

To convert your playlist from YouTube to Apple Music, or from YouTube to iTunes all you need to do is to utilize a classy and effective third party music transferring tool like MusConv. MusConv acts very fast, and it is completely flawless in terms of migrating music and playlists across a wide variety of music streaming platforms.

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Apple planning to shut down the iTunes Music download functionality

Speculative reports and rumours have suggested that Apple Music may be planning to shut down the iTunes Music download functionality. While rumours and speculation are not the most reliable of sources, we have a trusted inside source that confirms these rumours are true. According to our inside source, Apple is targeting May as their final ‘shutdown date.’

However, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook made a recent press release indicating a different tone. To neutralize their customers’ reactions, he simply didn’t address any of the abovementioned concerns.