How Do I Open CDG Files?

To open a CDG file, you must first understand what software you can use to play it. Quite often, different types of software can use the same file extensions. These extensions are called file associations.

An image file used in the Compact Disc plus Graphics (CDG) format contains an unprocessed and unconverted image, most often in low resolution. Used in conjunction with an audio file to store a song track on a CD. CDG files are often used by karaoke programs to display graphics and text while playing music.

When you double-click a file to open it, Windows checks the file name extension. If Windows recognizes the file name extension, then the file opens in the program associated with that file name extension. When Windows does not recognize the file name extension, it informs the user about it.

It is in CDG files that information about specific songs is contained, and therefore the user can play them like ordinary audio files. With the ability to display song lyrics and key images along with song sound, the CDG format has become the industry standard for karaoke. This is why this type of file can be played with a karaoke compatible computer / player that will display the graphics stored in the file. Otherwise, if a disc in this format is played in a media player, only audio can be heard.

Experts recommend appropriate software to open or convert these files. It should be software to open or convert CDG files. There are many software options for opening CDG files:

• Winamp;

• VLC media player;

• TriKaraoke MP3 + G Player;

• CD + G Player Pro;

• DART Karaoke Studio;


Download the installer for this application and run it. Once the installation is complete, the CDG files should open with the default application the next time you try to open that file type. The user does not need to take any more action. Each time, files of the specified type will be opened automatically.

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Not all of the listed applications will be able to perform all operations on CDG files. Some applications can only open such a file and view its contents, while others can convert files to other formats. Therefore, you should check the capabilities of applications with respect to CDG files in advance.

Also, before trying to open a file of this format, you should first check it for the presence or absence of viruses.

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