Shakira Is Fluent In Four Languages

There are a lot of rumors around the name of the mega-popular pop star. Especially part of her name began to flicker in the news of the music world after her divorce from the popular football player Piqué.

But the scandalous facts from the life of the Colombian star cannot overshadow her true achievements. The singer is not only one of the elite of the global music industry, but is also a polyglot. She can speak four languages fluently, but that’s not all.

Although she only sings in Spanish and English, she is fluent in four other languages. With a score of 140, Shakira is among the individuals with the highest IQ. Probably due to her exceptional intellectual abilities, she was able to learn four languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian.

Her native language is Spanish, as she was born in Colombia. At 18, she learned Portuguese while on tour in Brazil, where she loves to return. English came to her from an American boyfriend. Trips to Italy teach her a new language: she does not speak Italian very often, but as soon as she returns there, the words immediately return to her.

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She is also said to speak French and Arabic. This would not be surprising since she has covered Francis Cabrel’s “I love her to die” and speaks a little Molière during her tours in France. She also sang in Arabic in Dubai in 2007. The singer does not know all the subtleties of these two complex languages, but she tries very hard.

Sport is one of the secrets of Shakira’s dream body. But still, you need to train a good sports discipline in order to hope to become like a Colombian singer.

A mother of two, Shakira has always shown off her dream figure. To achieve such a result, the Colombian star does not have a miracle recipe. She just spends a lot of time in sportswear, at home or on the street. Among the disciplines that allow him to be so muscular, fitness and dancing are the ones that appear most often during the week. Zumba, hip-hop, gymnastics… Shakira continues her classes with her personal trainer.

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